people be like "i love you"

the feelings mutual, i love me too.

Nick. ♥
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Nothing's gonna happen staying where you are
With an over packed suitcase and an unfulfilled heart.

"best place in town", "bullshit on me right", "damn you curtis!", "everything is shit!", "i-know-fucking-shoot-me", "look at my face", "no big thing", "on me", "pinned ya again", "shut up josiah", "some cosmic shit", "that's not creepy right?", "what a dweeb", "you can't eat it", *fistbumps*, always stuck holding things, angry bless yous, anyone singing ryan adams, baby watermelon, babysitting the box, bambi buick, banana-fana him, being accidental roadies, being allergic to nuts, being bonzai bob's fave, being jenny tonight, being photo-bombed by dion, being skunks, being stalked by bob, being tychic, blowing tyler's mind, blue-eyed boys, boneless breasts, boys being rockstars, breaking tyler, bringing the boobs, bugle boy, burning down tourbuses x3, california dreamin', calling this an establishment, causing tyler to curse, changing song lyrics, cheering for steve, choke hazardous gum, christopher robin, coffee with tyler, cold in california, conversations on stage, curtis controls the weather, cute shoes metaphors, deh heee-po *toktok*, don't forget your clothes, drcocacolamcdonalds, early morning trampolining, encouraging tyler, european squares, evan thinks you suck, everything's funny o'clock, falling for opening acts, fearless radio whores, flaming bags of crap, flat tyler, free steve!, getting-called-out-by-josiah, gheegle giggles, giving tyler shit, going to the ghetto, goodie bag hugs, hallucinating snow flurries, harassing new politics, hart wedding dates, helpmehelpmehelpme, hilton hoes, holding coffees, in your face metaphors, its-not-about-a-fly!, itsnotbadkarmaifyouputitalltogether, jlemz, jyler tames, kazoo catchers, keep on, keeping josiah well fed, lack of personal space, lego pirate steve, little lemmy, m&m stealers, making cute boys nervous, making josh whoa, making josiah jog, manatee futons, mr. pepe, mustache cup freakouts, muy italiano playlists, my boy dion roy, my face ever, nick and sam, not watching dexter, on my baw-dy, orange-buses-and-blackdog-yoga, our necklace, paw-ty, pep talks from tyler, pete's conversation game, plock deaths, political rallies, pretending-to-be-university-students, prince-of-nothing-charming-sing-alongs, private acoustic sets, puzzle pieces, raisin = not right, red lights off 101, rein-dogs, remember when's for hours, runaway hippo attacks, sam my nachos, secret society, shady trunk deals, shopping with josiah, sigh to sigh, singing-happy-birthday-in-spanish, sketchy russian brothels, snaps in z-formation, sneezy heezy, socal and proud, songs following us, sour gum solos, spn kitties, spoiling tyler, starting silly string wars, tayler, that's what she said, the monkey face, the prophet tyler, the-great-tattoo-freakout-of-2010, tj heezy fo sheezy, traffic jam serenades, tyler and josiah's bromance, tyler singing ryan adams, tylersations, typer, tyroysitis, vinnie being the bouncer, w.i.n, wearing it to bed, what a mole, what day is today, what is life?, what-kind-of-stripper-grins, worst reaction faces ever, wwwyki